About Us


Who We Are

Smartkidsng.com is the leading private home tutoring agency in Nigeria that provides 1 to 1 private home tutoring to students.

We specialize in private home tutoring referral and education-related services to tutors and parents/students. We match tutors and students.

We cover all levels including pre-school, primary and secondary school in Nigeria.

What We Do

Smartkidsng.com is a full service private home tutoring agency. We aim to help students achieve learning excellence by matching them with the right professional tutors to suit their learning needs.

At Smartkidsng.com, we ensure each student is nurtured with adequate attention based on their learning pace, maximizing their potential to thrive.

Why We Started Smartkidsng.com

We first started Smartkidsng.com Nigeria with a very simple concept. We envisioned a society where all students across Nigeria can receive the extra guidance that they may need in order to cope with the ever-demanding academic expectations.

We believe that every child deserves the best guidance. No one should ever feel that they are less than others.

Often, many students are discouraged or unmotivated to learn or even go to school because of their inability to keep up with their studies. They may feel left behind or incompetent as compared to their peers. Furthermore, the expectations from schools on students are undeniably high. Because of these reasons, students lose interest in the fundamentals of learning.

In order to help students regain their confidence in learning, without the pressure to keep up with others, or to be in constant competition with peers of the same class, We came up with the idea to provide a service where students can be matched with suitable private tutors in order for one-to-one home tutoring. By this way, students can learn according to their own pace, with one-to-one attention from their tutors, and slowly regain their confidence and enthusiasm in learning.

With this service, parents do not have to go through the stress of frantically searching around to find a suitable home tutor for their children. They only have to enter the details and requirements of a tutor in regards to their children’s need, and Smartkidsng.com will do the rest.

Why Choose Smartkidsng.com

In today’s context, many parents feel that a private tutor is capable of providing that extra push when needed because tuition centres have too many classes and too little time for individual attention.

At Smartkidsng.com, we strongly believe a private tutor can give students a much needed confidence boost. Due to the ‘one to one’ basis of private tuition, tutors can quickly identify the areas a student may need to improve which is something that students may not be able to identify on their own.

Our 7 core values reflect our business model. At Smartkidsng.com, we ensure that our staffs incorporate these 7 values into their daily operations.

  • Team Spirit: We work as a team to deliver results.
  • Integrity: We do not compromise integrity to achieve results
  • Responsibility: We are responsible to get the best tutor for you at the most reasonable rates
  • Efficient: We are quick and efficient in responding to your needs and feedbacks.
  • Sincerity: We are sincere to establish a long term working relationship with you.
  • Customer Oriented: We put ourselves in your positions and assess what you really need.
  • Focused and Dedicated: We focus in what you need and dedicate ourselves to achieving it.

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